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in my dreams, noodles can read

and they also wear glasses

7/7/05 11:04 am - mustangwhore

last night i had a dream my friend rob was really a 9 yeah old and all his friends were 8 and 9 years old, and for some reason he just looked like he was our age. but it was normal. then when i woke up i realized i slept through my philosophy class. go me.

5/17/05 07:43 pm - mustangwhore

the other night, alex from franz asked me for my number. oh yeah.

5/14/05 04:03 pm - mustangwhore - lions, tigers and thats all.

last night i dreamed my dad and i were running through a part of town where there's a big hill and a lot of trees on one side and just some housed and a creek bed on the other side. i looked up to the trees and there was a lion... we tried to hide from it but it came at us and i like, so kicked its lion/tiger ass. it bit me pretty good, but i had way with it too. when i woke up i felt like i really could have taken it on... but then i gave that some thought and i think ill stay out of the hills for a while.

i think i dreamed that because about a mile from here in the hills right before the mountain start, my dad and his friend were hiking when they were my age and they heard something in the bushes and then a soft growl/purr from a mountain lion. he said he had never ran so fast in his life. i think thats why i dreamed about that, i think about it once in a while. damn southern california, so unpredictable...

5/12/05 11:13 am - mustangwhore - bug creatures.

haha ok lets see if i can remember all this right.

first there was a monkey. yes and i was in the bath tub, and the monkey wanted me to stay in there while he put on make-up and had on a dress. all this while locked in the room because he didnt want me to get away. then someone opened the door and he freaked out.

later i dreamed of these weird clouds in the sky. they were green and orange and yellow. it was night time so everyone was watching, and my friend and i saw this out the window. then the clouds slowly turned into small red dots which shot across the sky, but not so far that they were out of view. then slowly they became smaller as the seemed to trickel down onto the planet. then i realized that they were small bug like creatures who came to this planet to inhabit those who watch too much TV, and the more you watched the stronger of a hold the bug creatures had on your mind. then i woke up, very confused...

5/11/05 09:52 pm - mustangwhore - the reason behind readingnoodle

when people call me, text me, or are trying to wake my up in the morning, i have this thing where i tell them my dreams im having and dont remember it later in the day. i dont know why... i will also talk in my sleep as i wake up if people are trying to wake me.
once i told tyson i had a dream that he was a midget and he was wearing tiny cons, but i still liked him the same... yeah.
tatienne may recall my swating at "the bees" one morning, and my friend sarah was told that she was the only one who wanted me to be awake the other morning, "they" all wanted me to come back to sleep. they didnt seem to like her trying to wake me.

well the night before last i sent tyson (tbonecharlie) a text message that said: "readingnoodle. i wonder if that lj name is taken." i read it later in the day and i realized that i said that because in my dream he woke me from i was dreaming about a noodle who was wearing glasses and reading a book. he was stuck up and i didnt like him. not one bit.

so here we are readingnoodle my dream journal. i promis it will make you laugh. or wonder...
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